Portable Remote-controlled Tug


At first glance, I thought they were demonstrating a radio controlled toy. This child-sized, motorized, and looking like a military tank gizmo came racing across the vendors aisle. With a closer examination, it became evident that it was no toy. This unit is claimed to be the world’s first portable, remote-controlled aircraft tug.

Between the tug’s treads is where the nose wheel (or tailwheel) of a full-sized aircraft rests as this tug moves in any direction by the command of a joystick controller. The engagement and disengagement of the tug to the aircraft’s wheel is both automatic and a mechanical marvel to watch. Because of the tug’s “lazy Suzan platform”, extremely tight turns and maneuvers are possible. It uses a lithium battery and has a maximum speed of 1 – 1.5 mph. The largest model can handle up to 21,000  lb MGTOW.

More information : AC AIR Technology.



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