TruTrak Taking Orders for Gemini PFD

Gemini AP 780 Autopilot and PFD

Set your alarm clocks for early on September 1 and be online at if you are one of the many who have been waiting to order a TruTrak Flight Systems Gemini drop-in replacement digital PFD  autopilot system. The Gemini PFD fits in the standard 3.125 inch panel cutout, and replaces the airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical velocity, attitude, bank, directional gyro, slip/skid indicator and standard rate turn indicator. The system also offers a low airspeed warning system and a velocity vector (airspeed trend indicator) in the most basic models. The AP 780 and AP 880 top-of-the-line units include the full autopilot functions that TruTrak is known for.

The solid-state PFD is designed to be a retrofit, replacing analog dials and analog autopilots for between $1000 and $6000, depending on the complexity of the instrument or autopilot included. “September 1, I promise,” said Lucas Massengale. You heard it here, so be ready.

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