Two Week Wonder


New program offers finished kit aircraft in just two weeks

Based on similar well-established kitplane builder-assistance programs (i.e. Sportsman 2+2), Plane-Crafters now offers the ultimate accelerated plane-building experience for owners/pilots wanting to complete a new Zenith aircraft in record time. Designed for busy people, the new “Build-Center” offers pilots a unique opportunity to assemble and taxi their own self-built sport aircraft after just two weeks of workshop time.

Two Week Wonder

“We know and have demonstrated that Zenith kits are quick and easy to build,” says Matt Heintz, Zenair CEO and son of light aircraft designer Chris Heintz, “so we are not surprised that Plane-Crafters is basing its “Two-Week-Wonder” programs on our popular two-seat Zodiac and STOL designs.”

The two-week programs at Plane-Crafters put the owner-builder in charge of the assembly process, but surrounds him/her with several experienced hands-on assistants at all times. This removes time-consuming hesitations and guess-work from of the process. Sure enough, by the end of the program, the engine is fired-up and the proud new owner can taxi the completed plane onto the adjacent taxiway… The aircraft can then be taken home for paint, cabin interior and final paperwork in preparation for the first flight. Completed aircraft can be operated in the E-AB (Experimental/Amateur-built) category once final inspection and registration has been completed.

Three different Zenith Aircraft models can be assembled through this program: The CH 750 STOL and CRUZER models, as well as the low-wing Zodiac CH 650.  A variety of engine choices are possible, as well as a customized panel. Price for an aircraft built through the Plane-Crafters program will vary depending on engine, avionics and installed options, but most will be within the $100,000.00 range. To help promote the program, Zenith is currently offering a $10,000 discount on advanced avionics packages.

For more information on the “Two-Week-Wonder” program, visit or contact Plane-Crafters at [email protected]; for information on the aircraft and/or available options, see


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