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Ed Zaleski 1947–2019

Ed Zaleski It is hard to write down in a few words what the loss of a friend like Ed Zaleski means. He was a lifelong friend. We began by...

Sling Shows off the Zaleski Sling 2 and Announces Sling 4 with Rotax 915...

Zaleski Sling 2. Image courtesy of Sling/Mariano Rosales. If you’re headed to Sun N’ Fun, visit Sling at booths N-082 & N-089 in front of Hangar A. We have a...

Building With a Partner

...buddy Ed Zaleski looks on. Zaleski gets to stitch up the next one. Group Think How about group projects? Can they work? Certainly they can, but the issues of compatibility...

Build a Bear: Some Assembly Required

...my buddy, Ed Zaleski, and I would be immune to this particular delusion, but you would be wrong. We stood there glowing as we surveyed our freshly painted parts on...

Getting Started on the GlaStar Project

...to fish a rivet into place while Zaleski reaches into the empty fuel cell cavity to position the bucking bar. Note the extended rivet set in the rivet gun that...

Build a Bear: Mellow Yellow

...Luckily, my good friend and building buddy, Ed Zaleski, likes to paint, so I knew I could get through this. Building the Booth Before we could paint anything, we needed...

Trike to Dragger

Everyone says you have to fly a taildragger to be a real pilot. Succumbing to such nonsense, my airplane building buddy, Ed Zaleski, and I decided to convert our tricycle...

Build a Bear: Put the Fabric in Fabrication

...big deal, but in retrospect it was sort of a boneheaded thing to do. Ed Zaleski treats aluminum parts with Alodine before painting. A temporary tray is made with 2x4s...

Build a Bear: Third Time Charm

...that I had a good year last year. GlaStar N634DP en route to Alaska (left). Prizio and Ed Zaleski pose with N634DP, their first building project (center). Sportsman N713DE, the...

Making Progress on the GlaStar Project

...as I proceed through the golden years. When my good friend Ed Zaleski and I built the Sportsman, we routinely worked 9- or 10-hour days when we could. Nothing close...

In Case You Missed it

Yes, you can…maybe!

Can I use my experience in building an airplane as the basis for getting my Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic's certificate?

ELTs of Tomorrow Today

The FAA mandates the use of emergency locator transmitters so that downed aircraft can be found and assistance provided. But times are changing, and its important to understand the nature of the new technology so that you can best equip yourself; by Bob Fritz.

The Creative Homebuilder

Gear-leg drill jig.

The Dawn Patrol

The Dawn Patrol gets to know more about General John J. Pershing when they display their WW-I replica aircraft at the annual Pershing Days Festival in Missouri.