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Bob Hadley is the R&D manager for a California-based consumer products company. He holds a Sport Pilot certificate and a Light-Sport Repairman certificate with inspection authorization for his Jabiru J250-SP.


The other day I heard about a guy at my local airport lamenting the cost of overhauling the prop on his $4 million SOCATA...

Billet or Weldment With Off-Axis Turning?

People tend to design around their particular expertise. A machinist will design based on machining parts out of solid billet, a welder will design...

Ye Olde Slip Roll

This month’s project is a follow-on to the Pietenpol muffler that was the subject of the Home Shop Machinist column in the May 2019...

Lightweight Stepladder

I affectionately refer to my Jabiru light-sport as being a “low high-wing” airplane. This is because, despite it being a high-wing configuration, you have...

The Other P Factor

Late last year I flew from Southern California to Tucson and back in my Jabiru Light Sport. The flight was about 3½ hours each...

Tilting the Mill Head

Most milling machines have the capability to tilt the head to make angled cuts. This comes in handy when the workpiece can’t be conveniently...

How to Run an Airline

Compressed air is one of the great, yet unheralded, conveniences of the modern workshop. It’s without a second thought that we blow chips off...
Dimple die polished

Home Shop Machinist: Power Polishing Promise

Back in the February 2019 issue of KITPLANES®, I promised a column about polishing on the lathe. I’m finally able to make good on...

Findlay Punch

Hole-making punches, also known as knockout punches, are a quick and easy way to make accurate holes in aluminum sheet. Punching works by shearing...

Chamfers and Tapers

The usual setup for my lathe is to have the compound slide set to 45 degrees and the tool post square to the spindle...

In Case You Missed it

Supercharging: The Turbo Alternative

Bill Beaton chose a centrifugal supercharger for racing and cruising.

Fixed Pitch vs. Constant Speed

Deciding to use a fixed-pitch propeller or step up to the higher weight, cost, and complexity of a constant-speed prop in order to improve performance.

Down to Earth

When pilot/builder Amy Laboda planted the seed in her husband's mind that the most suitable next airplane for them would be a glass-panel RV-10, the suggestion was met with something akin to a sneer-despite her sincere offer to help with the build. Still, the project has turned out to be a joint effort, complete with all the give and take one would anticipate in such an endeavor.


Leaking gascolator.