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Bob Hadley is the R&D manager for a California-based consumer products company. He holds a Sport Pilot certificate and a Light-Sport Repairman certificate with inspection authorization for his Jabiru J250-SP.

Chamfers and Tapers

The usual setup for my lathe is to have the compound slide set to 45 degrees and the tool post square to the spindle...

Brake Turn

My local airport, Corona Municipal in Southern California, sits in the Prodo Dam basin and is known to flood on occasion. Last February, heavy...

RV Quick Stick

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood, which happens to include a couple of locals who are building airplane projects in their garages. In...

Temperature Sensor Restoration

Home Shop Machinist
From left to right: A photographer’s loupe, two watchmaker’s loupes, and a folding pocket loupe.

Home Shop Machinist: Magnification

A typical day in the shop for me would be unusual if I didn’t use a magnifier at least once.

Home Shop Machinist

The jack hack.

Home Shop Machinist

Preservative fogger.

Home Shop Machinist

Cold heading a Phillips.

Home Shop Machinist

Exhausting options-a DIY muffler for a Pietenpol.

Home Shop Machinist

Magneto spark tester.

In Case You Missed it

Unusual Attitude

Vans Aircraft founder Richard VanGrunsven considers flight safety, and how improving our building and piloting skills would do more to reduce the number of mishaps than additional regulations would.


Tubemiter Link TroubleAfter reading about Tubemiter , I tried the web link and found...

Build Your Skills: Fabric

Fabric has been used to cover a wide variety of aircraft since the Wright brothers first started tinkering with flying machines. But fabric-covering processes have changed a lot in the last century, becoming more systematic in addition to being more reliable. Part 1 of this new series by Ron Alexander details the evolution of fabric covering and discusses some of the basics of getting started.


Mr. Anvil Head is not your friend.