Belite Aircraft introduces ProCub Lite


Belite ProCub LiteBelite Aircraft’s new ProCub Lite looks and feels like a nostalgic J3 Cub, but flies under FAR Part 103 ultralight aircraft rules. Powered by a traditional 4-stroke engine or a water-cooled 2-stroke engine with gear reduction, the aircraft is typically airborne in about 200 feet, or perhaps even 100 feet with a nice breeze. Landing distances are similar.

The ProCub Lite kit includes everything required to build the aircraft firewall back, with the exception of glue, rivets, and covering materials. Brakes, wheels, tires, spring gear, and cowling are included. Numerous weight reduction and performance improvement options are available, including tricycle landing gear.

Belite ProCub Lite

To decrease weight and allow for a more functional aircraft, the rear fuselage is constructed of foam and carbon fiber, while the cabin is all aluminum. Tail feathers, flaperons and the turtledeck are also carbon fiber/foam. The wings are available with either traditional rib and spar construction, or a smooth foam surface that reduces drag and provides a stunning visual appearance. With either type of wing, the rounded wingtips are cut from CNC foam.

The ProCub Lite kit normally sells for $11,995. However, the special Sun ’n Fun price is $9,995. A $2,500 deposit due by May 5, 2014. A ready-to-fly version of the ProCub Lite is also available for $26,895, including a 28-hp Hirth engine with electric start, cowling, complete covering and instruments. Visit for additional information.



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