Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir takes a look at low-cost and free CAD software available to help you document modifications you've made to your aircraft.

Aircraft Plumbing: Flexible Lines

Best practices

Jam Nut Triple Threat

Jam nuts serve a purpose and that is to prevent actuating arms from becoming disconnected. I found three examples on the same airplane. Two...

Nuts and Bolts

Aircraft quality nuts, bolts, washers and other hardware are the right things to use if they hold the things together that keep you in the air.

Metal Magic: Riveting By Squeezing

Best practices for driving round-head rivets with a squeezer.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir concludes his explanation of how to make any cell phone power up a remote electrical device.

Bead Blast for Bond Prep

Surface preparation is easy if you have access to a bead blast cabinet.

Reamer Madness

There are a number of things you will get good at when building an airplane. At or near the top of the list is...

Deal Makers and Deal Breakers

What to keep in mind when buying a used Experimental.

Maintenance Matters

Safety wire and cotter pins.

In Case You Missed it

Design Process: Planform Shape

Last month we took a look at the effects of span and aspect ratio....

Sebring at Seven

Now in its seventh year, the Light Sport Aircraft Expo, which gathers enthusiasts together each spring in Sebring, Florida, is still going strong. By Dave Martin.

Light Stuff

A bit of Brazil: Dave Martin flies the Paradise P-1 SLSA at the Sebring LSA Expo show.

Risky Business

Mission planning-in the air and hangar.