Material Matters-Aluminum

Aluminum is usually marked by the manufacturer to indicate the alloy and temper. The markings may also include the lot number and the...

Back Riveting Universal Rivets

We've all had one of those parts to rivet. The squeezer won't fit, so it has to be the gun and bar, but...

The Creative Homebuilder

Phenolic-based bulkhead fitting.

Aero ‘lectrics

A reVOLTing development.

Plane and Simple

Another method for transferring holes.

Maintenance Matters

Crank seal replacement.

Oil Pressure Problems

Oil pressure is always a concern to anyone who flies a powered plane. Everyone knows that if your oil pressure drops to zero, your...

Home Shop Machinist

Exhausting options-a DIY muffler for a Pietenpol.

The Home Machinist

Using a real computer-assisted design (CAD) program to design your panel has multiple benefits.

Cover Story: Designing Men

In this first installment of the upholstery series, the author looks at the basics: sewing machines, scissors, needles and thread, and more.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Editor’s Log

Fine print.

Fast and Smooth

The Tarragon invades America!

Risky Business

Distractions-stay focused in the air and the hangar. By Sid Mayeux.