Hartzell Engine Technologies Streamlines Plane-Power Supply


Under the partnership agreement with Lycoming, beginning January 06, 2020, Lycoming factory overhauled and rebuilt engines will no longer be shipped to the end-customer with alternators or accessories. Going forward, customers will now purchase Plane-Power components directly from Hartzell Engine Technologies.

Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) announced today that the company has partnered with Lycoming to now be the exclusive direct-to-customer provider of Plane-Power alternators and alternator assemblies for a factory overhauled and rebuilt engine.

“As the manufacturer of Plane-Power alternators and components, we have been providing alternators and accessories to Lycoming for all of their factory overhauled and rebuilt engines for a long time,” stated Keith Bagley, President, Hartzell Engine Technologies.  “The primary reason that we are now transitioning to the direct-to-customer supplier for these components, including full alternator assemblies and pullies, is to provide much better delivery and direct factory support to the end-customer.”

“By eliminating the added steps of shipping to Lycoming and then to the customer, we can respond to the customer’s needs, and correct any problems, faster and more efficiently,” he said. “In addition, should an owner/operator want to upgrade their Plane-Power alternator, the factory-direct order model will make that process a lot easier.”

Plane-Power AL-series alternator. Image: HET.

Bagley also explained that while customers will now buy their Plane-Power alternators and assemblies directly from Hartzell Engine Technologies in the majority of cases, there are some unique situations where, depending on engine model and configuration, alternator brackets and belts will continue to be installed and/or supplied with some Lycoming factory overhauled and rebuilt engines.

Because the transition is happening very quickly, Bagley provided additional details that will help clarify some key points:

  • Customers who take delivery of their Lycoming factory overhauled or rebuilt engines, prior to January 06, 2020, which include Lycoming factory-supplied alternators are still required to return an alternator with their exchange core engine.
  • Customers who order Lycoming factory overhauled or rebuilt engines on or after January 06, 2020, may keep their existing alternators or replace them at their discretion based on either the condition of the alternator or Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) where applicable.
  • Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1154, FAA-Approved Starters and Alternators, will continue to be an active document.
  • The next revision of Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1154, (S.I.1154W) will provide additional HET part numbers for alternators and alternator assemblies available directly from Hartzell Engine Technologies.

“The end-goal of this process is to ensure that aircraft owner/operators and their maintenance providers will enjoy a greatly improve overall customer experience when ordering and installing our Plane-Power alternators and components,” Bagley said. “In addition, should they ever experience an issue, having direct contact with our technical experts here at the factory will make that whole process easier and more efficient.”

Lycoming Service Letter No. L277 explains the transition.


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