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Even with all the recent interest in small turboprops, there is but one place to burn kerosene in the build-it-yourself world. The SubSonex single-seat jet is the one available airframe and the Czech PBS TJ100 turbojet is the one engine that airframe is designed for. It’s the only jet engine in production with the thrust, size and availability to fit the sport aviation bill.

Still the only turbojet for any kit aircraft, the Czech PBS TJ100 is so compact some operators unbolt it and take it into their motel rooms nightly for security.

PBS does not disclose technical or pricing information without a non-disclosure agreement, so we’re unable to report directly on the little jet. SubSonex builders can order the PBS engine from Sonex, which lists the PBS engine on their website with full supporting hardware for $74,000. And if you have something spectacularly brief in mind, the TJ100 is available in a higher output version with a 100-hour TBO. Bang!

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