Pioneer Grips New Finish


Pioneer Grips was started by Guy George but was taken over by new owners late last year, and now the company is ramping up production of its custom walnut wood grips. The line starts at the “un-buttoned” Junior (at $179) to the Classic ($479) and up to the Custom, which starts at $499 and includes options for a natural finish, a stained finish, a painted finish and this carbon fiber-look hydro-dipped finish.  There are also options for engraving. 

The Classic includes a four-way hat switch for trim in addition to three pushbuttons and a push-to-talk button in the “trigger position.” Pioneer has a range of custom switch choices as well.

For more information, contact or call 541-604-9573.





  1. Thanks for the write up Marc! I’m the new owner and would be glad to answer any questions. You can find more info at

    Our grips are handcrafted in Redmond, OR. We post daily on Instagram with behind the scenes views into our build process. 👍


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