New Liquid Level Computer Display offers more information for Belite Fuel Probe System

New Liquid Level Computer Display
New Liquid Level Computer Display

Belite is providing an enhanced solution for pilots seeking real time display of fuel or liquid levels in their experimental aircraft.

The Liquid Level Computer Display (L2CD) unit simultaneously shows liquid (fuel) level in gallons and also in pounds. It also shows calculated liquid (fuel) flow rate without requiring a fuel flow sensor.

For industrial applications, the user may select from a variety of fluid types so that variances in specific gravity will still provide accurate flow and level information.*

The L2CD is designed to be a companion unit to Belite’s Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe, extracting and displaying more information (real time volume, weight and flow rate) and allowing the easy change of fluid types and gravimetric densities within the tank without requiring recalibration of the probe. The unit is not TSO’d or PMA’d. Use only in appropriate aircraft as a backup to certified instruments and pilot calculations.

Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe
Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe

The new unit is designed for installation in any standard 2.25″ instrument cutout.  First units scheduled to ship in February, 2015.

The L2CD sells for $399.95 and the accompanying Belite Liquid Probe is $199.95.  Click here to pre-purchase the L2CD or Liquid Probe online. The Liquid Level Fuel Probe is available for immediate delivery.

  • High visibility LCD Display with backlighting and external dimming.
  • Provides a rich amount of real time liquid level data.
  • Lightweight – less than 2 ounces.
  • Low power – about 10 milliamperes (exclusive of backlight power).
  • Operating temperature of -20 to +50C.
  • Compatible with 9 to 14 volts input power.
  • Displays Gallons / Pounds / Flow Rate of any type of liquid.
  • Supports two independent probes which may show data from separate tanks or which may average data from one tank.

Liquid Level Computer Specs

Liquid Level Probe Specs

*Designed only for use in experimental aircraft applications.

For more information:

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