New Products From Beringer


Beringer announced two new products for experimental aircraft – a double-shock suspension system which is supposed to reduce loads on the aircraft’s landing gear and frame during rough-field operations, and a tire pressure monitoring system that will be available in October this year.

The (heavy-duty) Shock Wheel®

A suspended wheel system for aircraft up to 3,300 lb

  • Two oleo-pneumatic shocks per side with anti-bounce, anti-roll and high energy absorption capabilities
  • 120mm/4.7’’ of travel
  • Mounts in 2 hours on spring gears, in addition to Beringer wheels and brakes
  • Robust design and manufacturing
  • Available for experimental aircraft

SensAIR®: Aircraft Tire Pressure Monitoring Safety System

The SensAIR system connects a pressure and temperature sensor integrated with tubeless Beringer wheels to a mobile app or an analog reader, to provide live pressure and temperature information on the aircraft’s tires.

The sensors switch off when the app/reader is not active so the battery can last 2 to 3 years. Each sensor is uniquely paired to the app/reader so it will not read a neighboring aircraft’s tire pressure by mistake. Low pressure alerts are programmed into the mobile app and a notification is triggered when the pressure is running low and preflights are easier because there is no need to access the tire valve.

SensAIR will be available mid October 2020, combined with a mobile app or a reader to connect to an accessory socket. Retail price for 3 wheels with free download of the mobile app or a reader will be around $600.


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