Plane-Power Announces New Alternator


Plane-Power Ltd. has introduced its FAA-certified C28-150, a lightweight, high-output, gear-driven, 150-amp alternator for Continental 520 and 550 engines. The alternator features built-in noise filtration and can be used with customers’ existing alternator gear/clutch assemblies.

The key to the C28-150’s performance is its unique combination of high-quality components, precision manufactured hair pin stator assembly and a very efficient, proprietary cooling design, said Jason Hutchison, assistant general manager of Plane-Power Ltd. “At just 13 pounds installed weight, the C28-150 is unmatched in its ability to provide very high continuous output of 150 amps while maintaining the lowest operating temperatures in the fleet. The result is a very high output alternator with very high reliability.”

The alternators are manufactured at the company’s Granbury, Texas, factory and retail for $1299.

For more information visit or call 877/934-5700.


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