TCW Technologies Introduces Stable Power


There is no question that one of the overwhelming themes of EAA’s 2008 AirVenture show is economy and efficiency. We all want to go faster and farther while expending less energy, and spending less money in the process. Bob Newman, president of TCW Technologies, is all for it.

He’s introducing his Intelligent Power Stabilizer power conditioner and surge/sag protector for aircraft avionics in Hangar E. “It’s all about economy,” says Newman. “No one wants to sit on the ramp with the engine running waiting for their avionics to boot up,” he explained. “Some EFIS and GPS units take up to 2 minutes to stabilize, and the whole time your engine is running. People are rightly afraid to boot up their avionics pre-engine start because of the possibility of a surge or sag in power, causing their avionics to reboot.”

The Intelligent Power Stabilizer is wired between the battery circuit for the avionics and the avionics themselves. It will condition and stabilize the power down to 5 volts. The 12-volt model is available for $335.

For more information, visit TCW Technologies.


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