Weather Blocks Sun ‘n Fun Arrivals

Yikes! (Image courtesy of MyRadar Pro)

A massive line of thunderstorms in Alabama, Georgia and north Florida have blocked northerly based homebuilt aircraft from the Sun ‘n Fun fly-in, which officially starts tomorrow. Traditionally, the weekend before the show has been a high traffic period for the homebuilt parking and homebuilt camping venues at SNF. Volunteers, who are well prepared for an expected high volume, are impatiently twiddling their thumbs while waiting for the weather to clear.

Homebuilt Parking veteran volunteer Cliff Aikens patiently awaits homebuilts, now blocked by a substantial line of thunderstorms.

The site map of Sun ‘n Fun has been overhauled since last year. Both Homebuilt Parking and Homebuilt Camping have been moved to the southeast corner of the field, close to the VOR antenna. The volunteers are hopeful that the new sites, although farther away from airshow central, will be better suited to homebuilt ingress and egress and will give campers a better view of daily air shows. For now, however, all volunteers can do is sit and wait for the weather to clear and for the homebuilts to start streaming in.


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