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Dean Sigler was a technical writer professionally for 34 years, with a liberal arts background and a Master's degree in education. He writes the Sustainable Aviation and CAFE Foundation blogs. He has presented at several symposia and at several Experimental Soaring Association workshops. Part of the Perlan Project, he is a private pilot with a great love for low and slow aircraft.

Alternative Energies

Motor controllers—making DC into AC. By Dean Sigler.

EAS VIII: Finishing Strong on Saturday Morning

The CAFE Foundation's Electric Aircraft Symposium has grown from its original half day with 20 or so attendees to the 200-person knowledge fest we see today.

Friday Afternoon at the Electric Aircraft Symposium: Part Two of a...

Anyone who thought the eighth annual Electric Aircraft Symposium had peaked by lunchtime on Friday was obviously not aware of the stellar presenters awaiting their turns in the afternoon.

Alternative Energies

Electric motors—state of the art. By Dean Sigler.

Best Electric Aircraft Symposium Ever?

Kitplanes own Dean Sigler (Alternative Energies) attended this year's Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, CA as part of the faculty for the event,...

Alternative Energies

The inventive Mr. To. By Dean Sigler.

Alternative Energies

My adventures at AirVenture 2013. By Dean Sigler.

Alternative Energies

The greenest flight of all. By Dean Sigler.

Alternative Energies

The Grand Unified Airplane: Is it possible to extract energy from the act of flight itself? By Dean Sigler.

Alternative Energies

Diesel engines, anyone? How about biofuel? More builders are turning to such alternatives in the name of fuel economy, while the industry awaits fuel cells and better batteries. By Dean Sigler.

In Case You Missed it

Top Overhaul

Gray oil is good, but what about black oil that looks like tar?

Safety Is No Accident: Auto-Engine Conversions

Ron Wanttaja crunches the numbers to determine whether homebuilts powered by auto-engine conversions are inherently less safe than their traditional engine brethren.

How the Pros Do It: Ripley Air

Ripley Air—small shop with clever ideas.

Maintenance Matters

Alternator and voltage regulator problems.