Nobody Likes a Drip

Ultraviolet light helps locate oil leaks from sources that are tough to find.

Building the eXenos

Part 2: Sourcing the parts.

Solder Sleeves

Should they be in your tool kit?

Homemade Compression Tester

Why buy a new one when you can build your own?

Hidden Tinnerman Washers

A new approach to reinforcing holes for wheel pant attach screws.

Wischer’s Whiff

Electrons and nitrous put Neil Wischer’s RV-8 into the 270-mph club.


Justin Meaders’ racer won gold first time out, embodying its owner’s outlook on life.

Building the ‘Beater

In my “New Sojourn” column in the July 2022 issue, I told you I was committed to building a Hummingbird helicopter. I have begun...

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 14

Wrapping up Phase I flight testing.

Engine Monitors

Good options, but the installation is more important than the model.

In Case You Missed it

motor mount rubber

Unairworthy: Isolator Mount Problems

Rubber isolator mounts should not have a gap between them and the engine mount when properly torqued.

Metal Magic

So you want to get into metal shaping?

Ask the DAR

Changing aircraft model type and how DARs set operating limitations.

Build a POH

What to do when your kitmaker leaves it up to you.