Get Bent

I harbor two writers within. A technical writer who favors brevity and a creative writer, an essayist, who wants to engage your senses and...

Homebuilt Accidents: Reassurance

Don’t let the statistics get you down.

Out of the Shadows

Are airplanes good for the soul?

Second Chance Six

Starting the restoration. Where do you even begin?

Building the ‘Beater – Part 6

As promised, Lycoming delivered the Thunderbolt engine in December to Vertical Aviation. Since this was the first Thunderbolt engine to be installed in a...

First Timer’s AirVenture Arrival

How busy is the Oshkosh arrival? Ride along for a portion of columnist Ariana Rayment's first flight into the big show with our EIC...

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 7

Mounting pressures, seating flexibility.

Bose A30

For years, Bose has enjoyed a loyal following in the high-end aviation headset market with models that have good performance, high quality and decent...

This Fly Baby is the Katz’ Meow!

In the early 1960s, a young Jim Katz was absorbing page after page in Air Progress magazine, and when he saw an article that...

Super Sportsman

Not just another big-engine utility airplane.

In Case You Missed it

Dan’s World

Sometimes its surprising to see homebuilt aircraft kits languishing in garages or hangars or workshops. Especially the quickbuilds, which raises the question of whether there's something about buying a QB kit that leads to procrastination. Columnist Dan Checkoway ponders the question, looking to his own experience for an answer.

Ask the DAR

Night VFR in an ELSA, flying from the right seat, ELSA certification for an original design.

All About Avionics: Electrical Connections

Building a plane? Youll need connectors. Stein Bruch shows you what to use, where to put them and how to make a quality connection.

The Seclusion Solution

How my GlaStar turned a five-hour drive into an hour.