Utah Adventure

A dad and his dog’s first trip exploring the backcountry.

Scratching the Itch to Scratch Build

Getting started on a Spacewalker II.

The Future of Homebuilding: Engines

The future is going to look a lot like the present when it comes to Experimental aircraft engines. Sorry to be so mundane about...

The Future of Homebuilding: Avionics

I mean, how much better should avionics really get for what we use them for? I’ll hold short of saying we’ve reached market saturation...

The Future of Homebuilding: Builders

If we could magically transport a modern homebuilder back to the 1960s, they would probably be amazed at just how far we have come....

The Future of Homebuilding: Industry

For the general public, the idea of constructing your own airplane, with your own hands, in your own space, is borderline fantastical. To them,...

Final Steps to Flight

Part 4: Overhauling Your Own Lycoming

Testing, Testing!

Part 1: Wing Static Load Test

Tough Spot

How to install a hardpoint in a cored composite panel.
N82EZ Long-EZ

It Don’t Come Easy

After 13 years, Allen Floyd builds a Grand Champion Long-EZ.

In Case You Missed it

Two Flash or Not Two Flash

Building a double-flash LED strobe system.


Builders share their successes.


Survey ResultsEarlier this year, we asked our readers to tell us what they thought...

Air-to-Air Adventure

A photo mission with the pros.