Murphy Resurgent

Darryl Murphy’s airplane company has a new owner and a new push for backcountry relevance.

Importing From Canada, N-Number Size

Question: I’m interested in buying a homebuilt out of Canada. Is this a difficult process? What should I be looking for? Answer: Bringing in a...

Mastering Epoxy

Tips for keeping down the mess…and the cost.

Buyer Beware

Registering a homebuilt airplane you didn’t start.

No Limits!

Marco Cherubini is a paraplegic, but that didn’t stop him from building an RV-7 and fulfilling his dreams of flight.

Buying Used: The Pulsar

A popular homebuilt from the 1990s remains viable, if somewhat rare, today.

Power In a Box

Self-contained digital power distribution systems make for simplified installations and circuit health monitoring.

Tour de Brodhead

It’s not a race!

AeroConversions AeroVee Turns 20

The peoples’ engine still fills a niche.

Blast From the Past

Chris Hill’s Dr.I replica is as close as you can get to an actual 1917 Fokker Dreidecker.

In Case You Missed it


Builders share their successes.

Ten Degrees of Presentation

The call came. At the other end was Kevin King, the owner of the...

Resin Infusion

Taking the next step beyond vacuum bagging.

Alternative Energies

Dale Kramer invigorated the ultralight movement in the 1970s with the Lazair. Now he's doing it again-with a battery-powered version. By Dean Sigler.