Fitting an RV-7A Cowl

Time to start the Cowl? It’s one of the biggest milestones and ranks right up there with the canopy. Don’t fret. There are tips...

Building the ‘Beater – Part 3

It’s beginning to look like a helicopter.

The Resurrection of Lady Vi

RAFE brings a rare and special VariViggen to life.

Homebuilt Accidents: Passing the Engine Baton

How does the Rotax 912 compare to traditional engines used in small homebuilts?

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 4

Getting it on the gear & engine selection.


Aircraft Specialty Flightlines delivers custom CNC precision to homebuilders worldwide.

Thoughts on My Glass Panel

Things I like, things I don’t and things I’d do differently.

Building the eXenos

Part 3: Prepping the patient, de-motoring the motorcycle.

Trig’s New Nav/Coms

Trig’s new TX56 has smart features and good compatibility. A built-in GPS would make it better.

Small Screen Upgrade!

It’s a matter of Touch.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Homebuilt Aircraft Safety 1998-2008

Far be it from Ron Wanttajas experience to be complacent when it comes to aircraft accident statistics. In this article, he updates two previous articles on the subject of homebuilt aircraft safety and digs deep to find meaning and context for the numbers.

Around the Patch

Marc Cook discusses the loss of Geared Drives Bud Warren and his daughter, as well as his decision to step down from his position as Editor-in-Chief.

Build Your Skills: Fabric

This month, fabric expert Ron Alexander discusses attaching the fabric to the aircraft parts using either a pre-sewn envelope or individually cut pieces of fabric. The process is optimized for strength in flight as well as aesthetic appeal.