Building the 750SD XTREME

Getting started on the Zenith CH 750 Super Duty.

Build Your Own Steel Shop Table

It’s a great alternative to wood.

The Monkworkz MZ-30L Direct Drive Generator

Lots of power in a tiny package.
Verhees D2 (Photo: Erik Brouwer)

Verhees D2

The dream of the delta is alive in Belgium.

Birds of a Different Feather

Flying Legend’s Tucano replicas are a far cry from the common Experimental.

Murphy Resurgent

Darryl Murphy’s airplane company has a new owner and a new push for backcountry relevance.

Importing From Canada, N-Number Size

Question: I’m interested in buying a homebuilt out of Canada. Is this a difficult process? What should I be looking for? Answer: Bringing in a...

Mastering Epoxy

Tips for keeping down the mess…and the cost.

Buyer Beware

Registering a homebuilt airplane you didn’t start.

No Limits!

Marco Cherubini is a paraplegic, but that didn’t stop him from building an RV-7 and fulfilling his dreams of flight.

In Case You Missed it

Loss of N114DE

All we wanted was a couple of buffalo burgers, but we got to go swimming instead.


Leaking fitting.

Aero ‘lectrics

You need never again be greeted by a dead battery because you left the master switch on. With a few dollars’ worth of parts, you can build a simple alarm system.

Ask the DAR

DAR Mel Asberry continues his discussion of aircraft operating limitations by explaining what those Phase II flight test rules mean.