Rear Cockpit

Twice the angst and what a cost!

Weigh and Balance Each Addition

Weigh and balance each addition.

Rear Cockpit

Old airplanes, new pilots.

What You Don’t Need to Know Can Hurt You

Building an airplane should be mostly fun, sometimes challenging, and infinitely rewarding, but confidence killers lurk everywhere. For instance, peruse metal-forming websites and textbooks...


A continuing journey.

Editor’s Log


Editor’s Log

The homestretch.

Odds and Observations

In a distant land, from which Vikings sailed and some of my forefathers sprang, three aircraft owners gathered and stared at a broken bolt...


Backup systems.

In Case You Missed it

Building the Bearhawk LSA

Fleshing out the forward fuselage.

Error Chain

Crankshaft seal blowout!

Homebuilding in South Africa

On an “aviation safari,” Amy Laboda checks out South Africa’s homebuilding activity (and some spectacular scenery) and discovers the industry there is thriving—along with some of the factors that help keep it that way.

Torque Plates

Torque plates are installed before any cylinders go on at the Lycoming engine...