Aircraft Spruce Offers eAPIS Software

Aircraft Spruce has introduced FlashPass, a new software program that it says will make filing your eAPIS manifests for international flights a breeze.

Kyle Fowler’s Go EZ Aerobatics Show

Rob Wharf, Owner/President of Aero Sport Power announced today that popular aerobatic performer Kyle Fowler from Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada will make...

Tiny Transponder from uAvionix

It may seem like everything but the kitchen sink is included in this new, tiny transponder from uAvionix. The echo ESX is a Mode...

Smoke Season in the Sierra

It's that time of year in the western United States--smoke from wildfires reduce the visibility in the mountains for the usual 100+ miles to...

Avidyne's New Lower-Priced IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

Avidyne Corporation announced today that they are offering a new lower-priced IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM, starting at $12,399, including mounting tray and installation kit. The new entry-level...

EAA Publishes Results of Zenith Zodiac Builder Survey

In late November, the Experimental Aircraft Association posted an online survey for Zenith Zodiac builders and owners asking about the recent FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB). According to the EAA, there were 450 responses.

A Modern Turn Coordinator

The "little device" is the new digital, solid state turn coordinator from Belite - the makers of small, light airplane kits and gadgets for their panels. Their latest offering is something that will make folks looking for discrete gauges sit up and take notice.

Don Herbel's Zenith CH701 STOL

I completed my Zenith CH701 STOL on June 30, 2012 after 7 1/2 years from starting construction. Dubbed "Blue," her colors and name were...

GAMI More Bullish on G100UL Certification

George Braly of GAMI looked to the past before discussing the future by revisiting something Mike Kraft of Lycoming said last year at AirVenture,...

One Week Wonder — Day 7 — First Taxi

The Van's elves continued working on finishing up the RV-12iS build on Saturday night and had it ready for its airworthiness certificate inspection and...

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What’s New

CubCrafters ships CarbonCub kits; Forward Visions EVS-100 system will be available in RotorWay Experimental/Amateur-Built helicopters; and MotoPOD will produce cargo pods to haul a street-legal motorcycle underneath the RV-10. Edited by Mary Bernard.

Rabbit Holes

Conquering unforeseen challenges when building, flying, and maintaining an aircraft.


Overpowering Sentiment (Best Letter) I agree that the folks at...

Joining Your World

Like many, I suppose, I hadn’t intended to be part of the Experimental world.