I have been writing this blog called Kneeboard Notes for about four or five years now, and one thing I don't think I have...

Group Therapy

As a naturally introverted engineer (redundant, I know), I enjoy working in my shop all alone, with nothing but a little soft music (and...

The Gorge

How is it that an airplane oriented company like Van’s Aircraft can be based in a valley that always seems to be fogged or...

It’s That Time Again

It's time for us aviation journalists to trot out our well-oiled please for practice, tolerance, and good decision-making
Paul Dye

Passing the Baton

Marc Cook returns to the pages of Kitplanes as Editor in Chief while Paul step into another role.

Loki the SubSonex Jet is a Free Bird!

My ever-vigilant neighbor caught the official end to my Phase 1 test period on "Loki," the little jet, this morning as I made a...

Thirty Hours

As I rolled the SubSonex to a stop in front of my hangar this morning, the mighty TJ-100 spooling down and going in to...

Keep it Covered

Although our airplanes mostly live indoors, it is not uncommon to tie them down outside when we're on the road. Although a good canopy...

Raiders of the Lost… Wing?

In a nearly forgotten corner fo the AirVenture grounds.... in a nondescript red building... Behind this unmarked white door... You will find a vast warehouse full...


There's a countdown clock at EAA Headquarters, and today it showed just 87 days and some-odd hours until the start of AirVenture 2019. In...

In Case You Missed it

All About Avionics

Sophisticated and capable audio systems used to be less common in Experimental aircraft, but now many pilots want expanded capabilities. There are ways to go about choosing and installing such systems that will alleviate unnecessary instrument noise and allow for the best audio quality possible. Avionics expert Stein Bruch walks you through the considerations and offers his top three tips for avoiding problems.


 Fish TalesConcerning Dean Sigler’s “Alternative Energies” article , he got one item wrong. Hydroelectric...

The Home Machinist

Phillips? Flat head? Double blade? Bob Fritz clears up questions you didn't even know you had about screwdrivers. When you're building a plane, the right tool for the right job (and right space) really does matter.

Ray Hills Wag-A-Bond

The honest airplane.