Improper Bolt Length



A bolt should extend beyond the nut by 1–3 threads. If it is any longer, then the next size shorter bolt should be used. This bolt attaches the autopilot servo arm to the aileron, a pretty important connection. In this case either a longer bolt should be used, or at a minimum remove the AN960-10 washer, which is really not needed in this application. 


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  1. I would have liked to have heard the results of the same experiment torque ing the nut bolt only when using a nut bolt with with ribs round the outside of it.Torqued dry and with apoxy. I can’t see why the guy complained so much.I found it to be a unique tool.Not terribly expensive.You just have to realize it’s not a fix all.And you have to admit,. It was a clever idea who ever invented the tool.Personally ,I love mine !


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