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A Very Special Oshkosh

...there were Cubalikes—CubCrafters, Legend, et al.—everywhere you looked. You could almost imagine the stalwarts like Kitfox, RANS and Zenith, whose high-wingers have been doing well for a long time now,...

Homebuilt Accidents: Captains vs. Fledglings

...really prepare you for flying said J-3 Cub. Nor a Kitfox, nor a Starduster, nor an RV without the “A” in the model name. There’s no question that conventional-gear aircraft...

Size Differences

...Many thought that it would be in the same weight class as myriad LSA back-country capable airplanes such as the Kitfox, Highlander, Carbon Cub, etc. Because we were given very...

On the Edge

...for about a year and a half. “I got to overhaul that engine. It seized up on me like most two-strokes.” This was followed by a Kitfox Model 4 he...

Homebuilt Accidents: Passing the Engine Baton

...trash in the oil tank (probably also builder error), a Kitfox owner installed the wrong oil filter and the final one is a “dual entry” for the reused pushrod seal...

Inline and V Four-Stroke

...Zenith, Kitfox and RANS airframes although they have additional offerings. Viking also notes they’ve been traveling more to help customers with installs, final inspections and first flights along with assisting...

Murphy Radical

...something many serious STOL birds share, what with their big-tire dress code and fulsome high-lift wings. Factor in the Radical’s nice size—it’s no compact Kitfox or RANS—and there’s no getting...

Beringer Introduces the Shock Wheel at Sun ‘n Fun

...and the Kitfox line of aircraft at this time. They are working on making them fit other aircraft, including the Vans RV series. You can get more information at beringer-aero.com....

Shopping for Batteries

...OEMs, including Van’s, Sonex, Pipistrel, Glasair, Kitfox, Zenith, RANS, CubCrafters and Vashon. The EarthX lithium iron phosphate battery line includes both Experimental and STC/TSO-approved models. They all have a smart...

It’s Not Like You’re Building an Airplane

...circuit remain unchanged, however, whether that circuit exists in a homebuilt, a Harrier or a hot rod. It also holds true that bleeding the brakes of a Kitfox is no...

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Touchscreen transition.

Wind Tunnel

Design process, part 4-more about speed.

Maintenance Matters

No one wants to experience a faulty mag drop (especially with a nervous passenger on board). Steve Ells offers some tips on how to reduce misfires and maximize ignition-system performance.

But Will It Fly the Plane?

Raconteur and avid WW-I-era airplane enthusiast Dick Starks regales us with tales of innovation and resourcefulness when he attempts to measure the pull of his and his compadres VW powerplants.