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Yup… It Flies!

Pappas Waiex B Turbo

Power to the Panel!

Getting Fuelish

Easy Hole Spacing

And we're off!

In Case You Missed it

Insurance Update: Experimentals and LSAs

Despite recent economic traumas, the aviation insurance industry has continued to support Experimental and LSA aircraft. The keys for the builder/pilot? Proficiency, training, and availability of parts and service for the airplane.

Ask the DAR

Is replacing one panel with another considered a major modification? And what is a “significant” change to weight and balance?

Air-to-Air Adventure

A photo mission with the pros.

Building With a Partner

Building an aircraft with a partner can be a rewarding experience. Dave Prizio discusses his relationship with longtime building partner Ed Zaleski, and how to go about forging your own successful building partnership.