uAvionix Announces Remote Magnetometer


Since the beginning, the uAvionix AV-30 mini EFIS has had an internal magnetometer—the device used to sense magnetic north and help create a heading reference—but now the company has introduced a remote magnetometer. Previous to this, the AV-30 still required the pilot to set the DG heading to a compass in the cockpit. The system used the internal magnetometer to help keep the fully digital DG from precessing but it wasn’t designed to reference magnetic north and, therefore, resolve a synchronized heading display.

The tiny AV-Mag (2.4 inches by 1.5), introduced today, sells for $249 into the Experimental market and connects to the AV-30 through a three-wire serial connection. According to uAvionix, the AV-Mag “will provide consistent and accurate magnetic heading information. With its ability to precisely measure the earth’s magnetic field and aid the AV-30 directional heading measurement, AV-Mag offers the long-term high-accuracy Directional Gyro (DG) solution that pilots have requested.” Like other systems using a remote magnetometer, the AV-Mag will have to be calibrated to each airframe, but the process is all handled through the AV-30 interface.

The AV-Mag is 2.4 inches by 1.5 inches square and less than 0.7 inches thick.

“Optimal performance of AV-Mag is achieved by innovative calibration and measurement techniques, including precise integration of attitude and magnetic field data in all orientations, and the use of the World Magnetic Model (WMM) to aid in calibration. Added features like Wind Direction and Speed are planned for an upcoming release,” according to uAvionix. The pilot can choose to let the AV-Mag set the heading or to override it with a manual input if desired. 

“The improved long-term heading stability provided by AV-Mag allows for additional integrations and exciting new functionality moving forward,” the company says. “That includes features like Wind Speed and Direction, and improved accuracy of autopilot navigation functions. uAvionix continues to partner with innovative aviation companies, pursuing integrations and working towards the ultimate connected cockpit powered by AV-30, AV-Link and AV-Mag.”

The AV-Mag is said to be available now


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