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Turbine Temptation: Power is Life!

...ignites things and produces hot gases, which turn the turbine on their way out the tailpipe. The gases out the tailpipe are the thrust, and the turbine rotation spins the...

Turbine Temptation: Final Integration and Testing

...trimmed on a test stand in Europe‭, ‬so it wasn’t like we didn’t know it would run‭. ‬But still‮…‬it was a pleasure to hear‭ ‬the turbine spin up and the...

Turbine Temptation: Into the Air

...and the engine since it was a turbine powered machine. Fortunately, there is no need to generate these from scratch. The engine comes with an extremely complete maintenance manual from...
Subsonex paint

Turbine Temptation: Adding Some Color

It seems to me‭ ‬that a special plane‭ ‬requires a special finish‮—‬something‭ ‬that stands out and reflects the nature of the flying machine itself‭. ‬My previous project was a beast...

Turbine Temptation: Wiring, Avionics and Plumbing

The SubSonex JSX-2 prototype‭ ‬was‭ ‬designed around the MGL Explorer‭ ‬EFIS‮—‬a full-featured system with systems monitoring‭, ‬navigation‭, ‬and flight‭ ‬instrument capabilities‭. ‬One of the‭ ‬features of the MGL system is...

Turbine Temptation

Photos: Richard VanderMeulen, Louise Hose and Paul Dye. The Making of Paul Dye’s SubSonex, Part 1. Editor’s Note: Yes, we’re working backward just a bit. As you can see from...

Turbine Temptation: Building the Airframe

Rule number one for building the SubSonex: Build from the inside out. Rule number two: Never close anything until you have no choice but to do so—you might need to...

Turbine Moose: The Ultimate Amphib

...said. Then he grinned and added, “Besides that, turbines sound cool.” The decision was made: a turbine Moose on amphibs. It had been done before, but that airplane was destroyed...

TurbAero Announces New Turbine Engine

...200 hp turbine engine, with follow-up derivatives rated at 320 hp and 120 hp emerging in that order. TurbAero sees turbine power for general aviation as a potential game changer...

New Hartzell 5-Blade Carbon Fiber Prop Boosts Speed, Climb Rates for Turbine Evolution

...a three-knot increase in cruise speed and a 144 feet-per-minute increase in climb rate in the Turbine Evolution. “This gives pilots and owners of the Turbine Evolution a new propeller...

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