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Design Process: Planform Shape

...is the shape of the wing planform. There is a lot to consider here. The planform of the wing affects its span efficiency, stall characteristics, structural layout and weight. The...

Design Process: Planform Effects on Span Loading and Drag

Last month we started our discussion of wing planforms with a look at the various planform shapes in use. We now turn our attention to the effects of differing planforms...

Design Process: Vertical Tail Planform

...The wetted area and airfoil of the tail affect parasite drag, but the planform has little effect. This gives the designer a bit more freedom to choose the planform of...

Design Process: Planform Effects on Structure and Weight

Last month we took a look at how the planform of the wing affects the spanwise distribution of lift along the wing. The shape of this span loading has a...

A Bit About Blades

...over the length of the blade and makes the optimum planform somewhat less tapered. Practical Considerations The theoretically optimum planform for a propeller blade is often not practically buildable. Particularly...

Design Process: Twist Effects

For the last few months, we have been looking at how the planform affects both the distribution of lift and the distribution of lift coefficient (Cl) along the span of...

Wind Tunnel

...wingspan. An elliptically loaded wing therefore has a span efficiency of 1.0. A wing with a non-elliptical planform such as a constant-chord or straight-tapered wing can have a span efficiency...

Fifties Fuse, Teeny Wings

...more easily analyzed. Iscold then looked at the planform of the wing and lift distribution during the race—in essence, how CLwould vary spanwise over the wing. Elliptical planforms are ideal...

Design Process: Wingtips

...drag. The goal is to make the tip vortex shed cleanly from the wing as far outboard as possible. Wingtip Geometry Both the planform of the tip and its cross...

Design Process: Distribution of Lift Coefficient

...the choice of wing planform, but we are not done yet. Up until now we have been discussing characteristics that are purely due to the planform shape of the wing....

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