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Wind Tunnel

...here) to determine that for any given planform and airfoil: Optimum lift coefficient is given by: CLopt=sqrt(π e AR Cd0) Wing Size Once we have chosen the planform and airfoil...
Verhees D2 (Photo: Erik Brouwer)

Verhees D2

...using a delta planform. That steered Verhees to something different—not new by any means, but still unusual, especially in a light airplane with relatively low airspeeds. Delta-wing planforms have been...

Sail By Wire

...that Boermans has shared a design with someone else,” says Iscold. “He also changed the wing planform. I was going to implement a continuous change of chord [i.e., an elliptical...

Wind Tunnel

...to increase the amount of opposing hinge moment caused by elevator deflection. There are several ways to do this.Elevator Planform and Tail Aspect Ratio The hinge moment generated by a...

Design Process: Cantilever Wings

...changes in wing planform, wing sweep or airfoil shape to move the position of the spar at the wing root forward or aft relative to the aerodynamic center of the...

Design Process: Stall and Roll Damping

...its airfoil stalls. This affects how sudden the onset of a stall is, but unless the wing planform has a significant amount of sweepback, the wing’s contribution to pitching moment...

G3X Upgrade

...could leave well enough alone. Nope! When I originally ordered my avionics from SteinAir, Inc. in 2013, I chose two Garmin GDU 370 portrait displays. The 7-inch portrait display planform...

All-moving Tails

...conventional surface with the same planform. It’s important to be aware that an improperly designed all-moving tail surface with the hinge line too far forward can have so much floating...

Design Process: Aileron Types

The size and planform of the ailerons are set by the roll-control power needed to meet flying qualities and maneuvering requirements. Once the designer has defined these parameters, it’s time...

Testing, Testing!

...cancel each other out). The spanwise load will be approximately proportional to the chord at that location along the span. For wings where the planform deviates from the elliptical ideal...

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