Acme Aero Black Ops Shocks


Acme Aero announced the release of their third-generation bungee replacement, Black Ops Shocks. Already the industry leader with their innovative suspension designs, Acme Aero’s Black Ops Shocks incorporate Formula One technology for increased safety and performance.

“I am still trying to wrap my brain around how they can work so well”, said Ben Hodges, the owner of California Cub. Steve Collins, with 3,000 tail dragger hours, added “Before this new Black Ops technology, Acme Aero had “a” suspension system. With Black Ops, Acme Aero has “the” suspension system – the only one worth having.”


With safety at the forefront of every one of their designs, Acme Aero took the opportunity to utilize their proven one-piece Formula One shaft material to achieve a side load increase from 3,500 lb to 5,000 lb. For comparison, a stock bungee fails at 1,600 lb. So Black Ops delivers more than triple the side-load safety of conventional designs.

Another essential safety component is the shock’s damping characteristics. A low speed wing walking function was developed for increased stability while taxing over rough terrain. Also incorporated into every Black Ops shock system is increased high-speed stability under extremely harsh landing forces and side loads.

In keeping with their high standards, Acme Aero constructed the Black Ops shock system to exceed all FAA testing guidelines. Weighing just 12 lb for the set, the anodized 7075 construction can be tailored for any gross weight up to 3,000 lb.

To learn more about the Black Ops Shocks or any of their other products, contact Acme Aero at (704) 496-9022, email them at [email protected] or visit the website


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