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Builders share their successes.

Rob Pavan's Jabiru "j258"

I just finished a Jabiru j250 with the 5100 8cyl engine, hence  "j258." So far I'm very happy with the airplane. It seems to...

Phil Owens' CH-801

Completed after a long journey of ten years. I still need to finish the paint, but she flies great! The engine is #5 off...

Mike Creek's Bearhawk

Completed in December 2008, N2828M took to the air in January 2009 with test pilot Danny Sorensen. It took 3.5 years to build...

Steve Dentz's Just Aircraft Highlander

N419BD is a Just Aircraft Highlander and was completed after 10 months in June 2010. This is the second Highlander I’ve built in the...

Randy Owen's Zenith 701

After 2 years, 5 months and about 1060 hours building time, my Zenith 701 flew for the first time, and flew flawlessly. Even at...

Thomas Longo's Zenith 701

Zenith N701TL took me a little over a year to build, started on 6/18/09 and finished 8/05/10. The airworthiness certificate was issued on 9/16/10...

Gero and Beatrix Dargel's Skyranger Swift

After a couple of more or less successful radio controlled models, the Skyranger is our first "full size" project. The main structure of the...

Philip Smith's Zenith CH 701

Started building in February of 1997 - finally signed off after three years, eight months and 20 days. Lost track of the hours...

Lory Ghertner's Glasair

After too many years of my wife's putting up with the odor of resin and thousands of parts, N494U is now a cross-country machine....

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