Formula One Gold

Any racer will tell you a good start is vital, and now Thom Richard and Steve Senegal have unfortunate first-hand experience in just how true that is.

Whispering Again

Delbert Sinor of Ozark Mountain Aviation gave us the latest on the Whisper, a 2-place side-by-side kit from South Africa. Sinor offers a builder...

A Report From the Smokehouse

Today has been an unusual day at the air races, if only because wildfire smoke has taken over the schedule. Visibility has ranged from,...

Van's 3D CAD Panel Models Released

Van's Aircraft, Inc announced the release of 3D models of both the panel and sub panel areas for our popular kit aircraft to enable...

New Homebuilt Aircraft Council Appointments

The EAA's Homebuilt Aircraft Council added three new members.

Formula One First Report

Going into todays heat races, which will get underway when the smoke permits, the story in Formula One is a brewing shootout between defending...

Want to Own a Kit Company?

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. LTD is for Sale! Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Ltd. announced today that the company is now being offered for sale, to someone...

Pilot's Bill of Rights Clears Senate Committee

EAA-supported aeromedical reform moves ahead to full Senate vote The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on Wednesday passed S. 571, better known...

PS Engineering Introduces Experimental-only PMA5000EX

A new low-cost/high-content audio panel has been introduced by PS Engineering today. The PMA5000EX, priced at just $995, is positioned between the no-frills PMA4000 and the sophisticated PMA9000EX in the company's lineup. Without having to undertake TSO certification, PS Engineering was able to reduce the panel's cost and increase its feature set.

Trying on the Two-Seater

I am probably one of the higher-time SubSonex JSX-2 pilots around, so it was with great interest that I dropped in at the Sonex...

In Case You Missed it


Control rod interference.

Findlay Punch

Hole-making punches, also known as knockout punches, are a quick and easy way to...

What’s New

Strut camera mount from Aircraft Spruce. By KITPLANES® Staff.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir takes a look at the performance of a DIY ground-plane antenna versus a factory-built rubber duckie on a handheld GPS receiver.