EAA Virtual Expo Taking Shape

EAA has announced that its Spirit of Aviation Week will include an online expo that allows exhibitors to offer product showcases, show specials, multimedia...

Experimental Category Aircraft Accident Totals Drop Again

Fatal accidents in experimental category aircraft, including amateur-built aircraft, continued their decline during the Federal Aviation Administration's 2018 fiscal year that ended September 30,...

Legend Cub Rebate Offer

American Legend Aircraft Company has announced that the company will offer $5000 cash back on its popular Legend Cub certified Light Sport Aircraft with...

Sun N Fun News: Lycoming Updates on Future Projects

Tuesday at Sun N Fun, Lycoming's Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ian Walsh, announced a continuation of the company's revitalization begun in 2004. Current projects for Experimentals include the Thunderbolt line, which is undergoing refinement and expansion of the options and a big push forward with the IO-580 powerplant. In addition, Walsh announced that Lycoming has received funding from parent company Textron ...

Fourth Lancair Evolution Flies

Jeff Edwards of Chesterfield, Missouri, flew his new Evolution N818SJ for the first time on December 18. He began the construction of the Pratt & Whitney PT-6-powered Evolution kit with the two-week builder assistance program at the Lancair factory in May 2009.

Pigeon-Toeing a Hummelbird

Although running past to another event, we couldn't resist a flirting look at Pete Zutrauen's impossibly small, low and high-visibility Hummelbird. The VW-powered, all-metal...

30,000th Homebuilt Certified

On July 31, in AeroShell Square, during the 2008 EAA AirVenture show, Acting FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgell allowed EAA President Tom Poberezny to award...

Looking for Fuel

Fuel is what Andy Chiavetta is looking for at Reno this year. The ace Sport class crew chief is concentrating on Lynn Farnsworth Lancair...

Levil Technology’s New iLevilAW ADAHRS

Levil Technology is out with a new portable ADS-B unit that's really a miniature ADAHRS.

Garmin GTX 23 Remote Transponder for ADS-B Compliance

Garmin announced the GTX 23 ES remote transponder, a new remote-mounted Mode-S extended squitter transponder for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The GTX...

In Case You Missed it

Alternative Energies

Graphene “paper,” drag-racing electric motorcycles and hybrid aircraft were hot topics at the Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, California, and illustrated the progress being made in alternative energy sources. By Dean Sigler.


Mark Cook revisits George Happs RANS S-19 project to see how the Rotax 914 installation has panned out.

All About Avionics

Panel upgrades—planning the project. By Stein Bruch.

Around the Patch

Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook comments on how recent software enhancements improve the performance of the Grand Rapids Technologies Horizon HX EFIS.