Upgrade to a New Plane-Power Alternator, Get $150 Trade-in Credit


Plane-Power $150 Alternator Trade-In Credit

Hartzell Engine Technologies announced that the company is offering aircraft owners a $150 trade-in credit on legacy Chrysler and Ford alternators when they upgrade to a new-generation Plane-Power alternator.


“Ford alternators were used exclusively on single-engine Cessnas in the 1970s and early 1980s. In similar fashion, Piper installed the Chrysler alternators on their new singles during the same time,” Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies said.

Because homebuilders often reuse  firewall-forward packages from Cessna and Piper aircraft, many of these alternators are likely to be found on Experimental category airplanes, too.

“The simple fact is these legacy automotive units were designed and manufactured over 30-years ago,” Disbrow said. “Instead of spending their money overhauling these antiquated alternators, owners can update to a new-generation FAA-PMA approved Plane-Power alternator that offers a number of advantages – including a $150 reward.”

Disbrow explained that among their technological and performance advantages, the new Plane-Power alternators for Cessnas and Pipers are smaller and lighter with dual fans and a longer-life brush design, which means these new alternators run cooler and last longer on the aircraft than any overhauled legacy unit.

“Along with the improved performance, the new Plane-Power alternators come with a full, two-year factory warranty,” he said. “Overhauled units come with one-year coverage at best and it’s often less than that.”

To qualify for the $150 trade-in credit, an aircraft owner needs to purchase the appropriate Plane-Power alternator conversion kit from their HET distributor and complete the online form at: www.PlanePower.com/GetCash

Owners will also need to send a copy of the new invoice and their Chrysler or Ford alternator core to Hartzell Engine Technologies. The $150 trade-in credit promotion runs from November 01, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

Buy this Plane-Power KitTrade-in one of these alternators
AL12-C60Chrysler 4111810, 2642997, 3656224,
Piper 69670-00, 69670-03, 69670-04, 99945-3, 99945-4
AL12-F60 (w. Lycoming engines)
AL12-F60C (w. Continental engines)
Ford DOFF10300J,
Cessna C611501-0101, C611501-0102, 0750217-1, 1570213-6
AL24-F60 (w. Lycoming engines)
AL24-F60C (w. Continental engines)
Ford DOFF10300B,
Cessna C611503-0102, C611503-0202, 1570213-7



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