Arnold Cub Crafters EX-2


Like most of us, I have always wanted to build a plane. After retirement and 3 years later in October 2019 my plane took to the skies. It is a standard Cub Crafters EX-2 kit with a few upgrades. My goal was to build a light plane, simple to fly and just set up for day VFR.

Building was straight-forward and went quickly until it came to the fabric covering. I had never tried fabric before and while not difficult, it was very time consuming. It is all Poly-Fiber, even the top coat. I would guess half of the labor time was covering and painting.

Enhancements include a 3X3 extended main gear, Acme Black Ops shocks for the main gear, T3 shock tail wheel and extended range tanks. Instruments are all Dynon with a Skyview 10” HDX and associated black boxes. Plane flies as advertised. I took me a while to get use to landing at such low speeds. Take off with the 180hp CC340 Titan and Catto 80” prop is quick; you better be ready to fly!

—Dan Arnold

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