AWOS for Your Private Airstrip

George Domedion

I have been keeping my eye open for an affordable way to add AWOS capability to my home airstrip and I stumbled upon a possible solution today.

SayWeather™ is an “automated UNICOM” that provides an advisory of surface weather conditions, on demand, 24 hours a day, through the aircraft’s VHF radio. Weather information is acquired from a solar-powered, wireless weather station that is located right at your airport.

The unit’s built-in microcomputer continuously retrieves weather information from a local, wirelessly-connected weather station. In the plane, the pilot keys the radio mic four times, transmitting on the CTAF, to request the current weather advisory. The unit then speaks the current weather conditions over an attached VHF aviation transceiver. The spoken weather can be configured to the operator’s preference, as can the spoken voice (male, female, language, units, etc.). The system also publishes current weather to the web for viewing by pilots on the ground.

Complete turnkey systems start at less than $4000

More information at


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