LSA Tail Stand

I decided I needed a tail stand after my transponder inspection last spring. A normal transponder inspection is pretty basic: Turn on the avionics...

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 8

Engine mount design and fabrication.

Complex Impedance

A loyal reader writes, “I have a homebuilt Bugsmasher with a couple of com radios. They are a FlashBoom 32X and a LoudenWhapper 22A....

Cooling Inlets, Part 2

As we saw last month, an ideal cooling air inlet system should ingest air from the free stream and bring it to rest or...

Archive: August 2014

As our industry continues to mature and anniversaries come hurtling at us, it’s worth recalling that in our August 2014 issue the venerable Van’s...

Inserting Bolts, Installing Nuts

I never set out to write a hardware trilogy, yet here we are. A little ditty on washer usage begat a column on bolt-length...

Oh, Dry Up!

Jim Katz builds a homemade engine dehumidifier.

Building the eXenos

Part 7: Finally, time for flight!

Ryan ST vs. Timber Tiger ST-L

Can a modern replica actually be better than a classic original?

What a Drag

Round versus streamline flying wires.

In Case You Missed it

Give Me a Brake

When his Zenith CH 701 wouldn't stay put during runup and tended to roll on an incline, builder Chuck Deiterich came up with a do-it-yourself solution.

I Want My ADS-B!

Adding traffic and weather to a GRT EFIS. By James E. Clark.
ADSB - the final lap

ADS-B – The Final Lap

The real deadline is upon us for ADS-B, are you ready?

Metal Magic: Making Square Instrument Holes In Aluminum

You've built most of your airplane, now it's time for cutting the instrument panel...