Archive: October 1999

Mike Arnold’s hyper efficient AR-5 was on our October 1999 cover with a report by editor Dave Martin that posed an interesting question: Could...


The electric Xenos: two seats, long wings, inexpensive fun!

Batteries Included

Before the eXenos, Gabriel DeVault’s first electric aircraft was the eGull.

A Verna-What?

Understanding your engine’s thermostatic oil-control valve.

Avionics Troubleshooting 101

Common diagnostic tasks to consider when things stop working.

The Luxury Tool

Safe-T-Cable is an expensive alternative to safety wire, but worth it!

DarkAero Keeps It Light

The Karl brothers bring a new carbon fiber speedster to market.

Maintenance Tools

If you are going to do a proper job of maintaining your airplane, you will need some tools that don’t have much use outside of aviation.

Wheel Pant Suspenders

The challenge with this wheel pant was where to mount it, and how.

A Match Made in VSWR Heaven

Why should we care about VSWR?

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

Increasing the weight of an aircraft will affect its performance in all phases of flight.

The Home Machinist

What do you do if you want to cut a longer-than-usual taper? Well, first you'll need to create a simple tool from some round stock that will provide target zones for your dial indicator, and then you may need to buy some more tools-what a shame! Home Machinist Bob Fritz takes you through the process. Hint: Choosing the right Morse Taper is critical.

Fixed Pitch vs. Constant Speed

Deciding to use a fixed-pitch propeller or step up to the higher weight, cost, and complexity of a constant-speed prop in order to improve performance.