Homebuilt Accidents: Fire!

Quite possibly, your eyes glazed over‭ ‬a bit when you saw the title of this‭ ‬article‭. ‬Quite possibly‭, ‬you’re poised to skim forward a...

Leaking Lycs

In truth, all engines can leak. Here’s how to deal with it.

DIY Bond Studs

Cost-effective ways to restrain wiring and small equipment.

Practical Electrical

What’s all this master switch stuff anyhow? By Robert L. Nuckolls, III.

Flush Rivet Removal

There can be more than 10,000 rivets in an aluminum kit aircraft. Given that many opportunities for errors, you’ll surely need to replace a few.

Maintenance Matters

Spark plugs-A window into how your engine is running.

Aircraft Wiring

Good things to know while building your electrical system.

Fixing a Sticking Valve

It may not be overly complicated, but it's not for the faint at heart.

Aero ‘lectrics


Home Shop Machinist

Billet oil-drain elbow.

In Case You Missed it

The Garage Mahal

If the RV-7 turns out half as well as the workshop in which it is being built, itll be a winner. By Matt Johnson.

Wind Tunnel

Barnaby Wainfan looks at the major aspects of tail design and how they affect the performance of an aircraft in flight.

Plane and Simple: Perfect Cuts in Aluminum

Making the perfect cut.

Velocity U

You could probably figure out how to fly one on your own, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Velocity will show you how.