Ponchos 'n Fun

The first two hours of Sun n Fun 2018 were great, and then came the rain and the the lightning. At 4 PM is...

DeltaHawk To Build FWF Package for Van’s RV-14

The first installation will be on Craig Saxton’s already flying RV-14 and is “anticipated to fly during late spring 2024.”

EAA: Rutan To Be Celebrated At Oshkosh

No word if he’ll spring a 25th new design on the crowd this year. But who would put it past him?

Kit-Aircraft Manufacturers: Okay So Far (UPDATED)

Many small manufacturers have been able to stay open with a combination of work-from-home employees, reconfigured manufacturing, and other tweaks.

Hoover Farewell Fanfare

Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle described Robert A. "Bob" Hoover as "the greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived." He was also among the...

News from Kitfox Aircraft

Kitfox recently released a flurry of press releases announcing two new engine options for its Experimental/Amateur-Built kit and factory-built Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA),...

Chipper SS–Build it Under Part 103 or E/AB

Chipper Aerospace (a Belite Enterprises company) has introduced the Chipper SS (Single Seat) that can be built as either Part 103 or Experimental. The...

Oshkosh Bound? Get a Free App from Sporty's

Whether you are flying or driving to AirVenture this year, Sportys has made your planning easier than ever before with a free app for...

Zenith Aircraft Annual Open Hangar Days & Fly-In to Celebrate Company's...

Celebrating the kit manufacturer's 25th anniversary is the highlight of this year's Zenith Aircraft Open Hangar Days & Fly-In at the factory in Mexico,...

eXenos Motor/Battery Mounts Now Available

Sonex announced that motor/battery mounts are now available to order for the Xenos Motorglider Zaero Electric Propulsion package. Developed by Gabriel DeVault, the installation...

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Certified nuts.

A Wood Tailwheel Lift

(Or how to save your achin' back.)

Maintenance Matters

Changing your oil.

Eclectic Obsession

David Shirey’s Rotec-powered Celebrity is an affordable barnstormer.