To Launch a Light Sport

After a disappointing postponement of the first flight, the Jabiru J250 takes to the skies for real. By Bob Fritz.

A Sign of the Zodiac (Part 4)

Builder Rick Lindstrom’s Zenith Zodiac 601 XL project continues as the Corvair engine is installed and the panel takes shape. Lindstrom selects instruments and avionics for his project and uses templates to plan the panel.

Dealing With Off-Nominal, Part 3

Distractions, minor emergencies and the worst-case scenario.

Crimping Style

Repairing the cable on a Bose headset.

Buying a Used Homebuilt: Different Types

Fly before you buy, factory support, engines, and Light Sport.


Viperjet N999VJ is right at home at Chino Airport in Southern California, where L-39s and F-86s are a common sight. Unfortunately they all...

AeroVonics Flight Displays

Leave your cutting tools in the drawer. These drop-in electronic instruments eliminate complicated installations and have an impressive feature set.

Split Decision

Building a vertical-split cowl for an RV-7A.

A Tale of Two Mustangs

Paul Cox has 47 years and 4300 hours in the Mustang II.

Second Hand is First Rate

Pitts happens when you have 11 months, talent, friends, spare parts, and a little cash.

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

Design Process-balance, part 2.

Second-Thought Tie-Down Eye

Every aircraft has tie-down points. Most of us never give them a second thought...

Navigating the New FAA Airworthiness Certificate Application Program

You’ll need access to a computer and scanner to complete this online airworthiness process.

Expansion Team

For RV-12 owners looking for an alternative engine option, Jabiru offers a worthy contender. By Marc Cook.