Franklin vs. Edison et al. and Marconi

A word we use rather flippantly when perusing electronic circuitry—ground.

ERCuSi-A Silicon Bronze, the AlternaTIG Option

Last summer I had the chance to get some hands-on experience with TIG brazing. Other than a YouTube video or two, I knew next...

Ernie’s Room and Board

Way back in March ’23 (deep in snow here), I gave you the problem of Ernie, who needed a flashing light to see when...

Will That Be Paint or Powder?

There are two popular options for builders to consider for covering steel components.

LSA Tail Stand

I decided I needed a tail stand after my transponder inspection last spring. A normal transponder inspection is pretty basic: Turn on the avionics...

Complex Impedance

A loyal reader writes, “I have a homebuilt Bugsmasher with a couple of com radios. They are a FlashBoom 32X and a LoudenWhapper 22A....

How Fast Is a Speed Nut?

A “speed nut” is a somewhat generic term that is occasionally used for a one-piece spring steel fastener that we can use in our...


It was 1985 when this 42-year-old kid wrote an article for an upstart magazine aimed at the homebuilt aircraft market. Appearing in the October...

Bad Weld

Sometimes welding should be left to those more skilled in its practice. I don’t think I would trust this repair that was made to...

Spinner Bulkhead Clocking

Spinner woes were the topic of midsummer musings on Van’s Air Force this year. Specifically, Bill from Virginia commented how, after getting his Hartzell...

In Case You Missed It

Velocity, Increased

The Velocity TXL-5 turbo combines style, sophistication and high performance eminently suited to cross-country sojourns at flight levels.

Wind Tunnel

Stall flutter is the result of the elastic axis of a wings surface being aft of the aerodynamic center, resulting in instability. A vicious cycle of lift, twist, stall and lift may ensue.

Electronic Ignitions

As electronic ignitions become more popular, some homebuilders will want to consider making the switch (especially given the potential savings in fuel costs). Tom Wilson provides an overview of the marketplace and offers a “cost-benefit” analysis.


Duck, Its a Canard As a Velocity builder, I sat down to enjoy...