Blue film removal

Easy Blue Plastic Film Removal

A near-zero-effort way to remove the protective blue plastic film from large sheets of aluminum.
From left to right: A photographer’s loupe, two watchmaker’s loupes, and a folding pocket loupe.

Home Shop Machinist: Magnification

A typical day in the shop for me would be unusual if I didn’t use a magnifier at least once.

Unairworthy: Loose Tail Attach Bolt

This is a very critical bolt that attaches the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage in an aerobatic airplane. The bolt is not tight, and...
The Superior IO-360 engine stripped and ready for cylinder removal. Note that oil return lines are capped as are the intake tubes in the sump. Until the decision has been made to completely tear down the engine it is best to protect everything as you go.

Maintenance Matters: Engine Overhaul Part I

Evaluation and Removal.

Shop Tip

Scrape Without Scratching


Missing labels.

Aero ‘lectrics

Franklin vs. Edison, Thomson, Millikan, et al.

Home Shop Machinist

The jack hack.


Wrong nav lights.

Aero lectrics

Hall of fame. By Jim Weir.

In Case You Missed it

All About Avionics

Panel upgrades—planning the project. By Stein Bruch.

Parts Off, Parts On!

Learning how to disassemble and assemble Lycoming engines.

The Plane-Builders Wife

My husband has a mistress-I know because Ive seen them together! By Jean Gingell.

Insurance Update: Experimentals and LSAs

Despite recent economic traumas, the aviation insurance industry has continued to support Experimental and LSA aircraft. The keys for the builder/pilot? Proficiency, training, and availability of parts and service for the airplane.