Best practices

Aircraft Plumbing: Flexible Lines

Best practices

Fuel Leak and Cracked Flare

A major fuel leak was discovered on this airplane not long after the first flight. The majority of the fuel in the tank leaked out overnight. The culprit was a cracked flare at the tank pickup, as well as the use of an improper flaring tool. Standard AN fittings require a 37-degree flare, not the […]

RV Quick Stick

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood, which happens to include a couple of locals who are building airplane projects in their garages. In the April 2016 issue of KITPLANES®, I introduced Phil Hooper. The subject of that column was a custom drill guide for Phil’s Velocity RG. This month’s subject is a quick-release system […]

Tall Transmission Tales

(Antennas, Chapter 3)

Low-Cost Spark Plug Ohm Tester

This handy tester is rugged enough to be stored in your tool tray with your other spark plug tools without fear of damage. It can be built for less than $10 in less than 30 minutes. Here’s what you’ll need: Harbor Freight 7-Function Multimeter (often free with any purchase at Harbor Freight). If you don’t […]

Temperature Sensor Restoration

Home Shop Machinist

Antennas According to Jim (Ch. 2)

Aero 'lectrics.
motor mount rubber

Unairworthy: Isolator Mount Problems

Rubber isolator mounts should not have a gap between them and the engine mount when properly torqued.

Antennas According to Jim (Ch. 1)

First, let’s talk about “polarization”; there are three polarizations. The first two are easy.
Blue film removal

Easy Blue Plastic Film Removal

A near-zero-effort way to remove the protective blue plastic film from large sheets of aluminum.

In Case You Missed it

Home Shop Machinist

Basic mold making.

Wind Tunnel

These small additions to your aircraft can make a significant improvement in its pitch response and authority at high angles of attack. Barnaby Wainfan gives you the strake story.

Samurai Homebuilder

Using a Japanese pull saw on your aircraft project.

Simple Green

Extreme Simple Green - Aircraft is a new product designed to clean your aircraft safely without damaging finishes. Its effective in removing oil and other dirt from the exterior surfaces as well as the interior, and is used by Boeing on its family of airplanes. Its available at specialty stores and aviation supply houses.