The 13 Command(ment)s

For most people, 10 are enough. Laying out a PC board, you’ve got a few more. Remember, now, I’m trying to show you the basics...

Cabin Air

Do not use the engine compartment as a source of fresh air or heat, as there is the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Countersinking for a Flush Fastener Fit

In last month’s column, we talked about the procedures needed for installing flush rivets and screws in our kit aircraft projects. As builders we...

Oil Filter Slicer-Off-Er

The process of inspecting an oil filter is not complicated. Slice the top off using a filter cutting tool. Extract the cartridge that holds...

Teflon Tape

Do not use Teflon tape on any fuel system connection. It can deteriorate and leave particles and remnants, which can clog the fuel system,...

Dimpling for Beauty and Speed

Each time you install a fastener on your airplane kit, consider whether the head of that fastener (rivet or screw) should protrude above the...

More PCB Fun

OK, this one is the witch of the bunch. You’ve had two months to download and read all the instructions for Circuitmaker/Traxmaker, and I’m...

Hankering for an Anchoring

Most airports provide provisions to tie down transient aircraft. I’ve seen everything from loops of rebar sticking out of asphalt to cables and ropes...

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape With These Pliers

As a builder of a metal aircraft kit, you no doubt have heard the term “fluting” and fluting pliers. Let’s examine fluting pliers and...

Murphy and the Flight That Almost Wasn’t

Most of us fly airplanes for fun. I would even venture to say that all KITPLANES® readers understand the fun side of aviation, especially...

In Case You Missed it

Free Flight

Acknowledging risk and taking steps to minimize it are safer than denying that it exists.

Debunking Deburring

If you are building an aircraft kit that requires drilling holes into metal parts, there is no doubt that the subject of deburring will get mentioned.

Do-It -Yourself Aircraft Jacks

Having completed two basic welding courses, I was a solution looking for a problem.


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