Making Patches

Saving a metal cowl from self-destruction.

Metal Magic Special: Paul Dye Shop Tour

Join KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye for a quick tour of his home shop. A multi-airplane builder, Paul has collected tools and techniques...

Firewall Forward: The Oil Change

Let's get started with the KITPLANES Firewall Forward video series, sponsored by the Tempest Aero Group. In this episode, our editor at large Paul...

Plastic Tubing No-No

The symptom was a static system that leaked like a sieve when tested. Further investigation discovered this AN fitting being used with plastic tubing. AN...

Firewall Forward Video Series Introduction

A new video series about the major firewall-forward tasks a new airplane builder needs to know.

Temporary Resuscitation

Last month we tackled the wobbly control stick on Kevin King’s SQ2000. This month was going to be about making an adapter to fit...

Can You Keep It Together?

Part of your aircraft kit-building journey will require you to temporarily fasten various components together. For example, maintaining precise alignment while drilling parts that...

QLF–Amateur Radio in Your Aircraft

To find the earliest recorded amateur radio in an aircraft, we have go back to 1912 when Lieutenant B.T. James (RAF) strapped a pair...

Broken Control Cable

Here’s a throttle control cable that has separated from the housing. It is very likely that on a stiff throttle, the cable might bend...

Metal Magic: Should You Bother Priming?

Paul Dye wraps up the KITPLANES Metal Magic series with a discussion of whether or not to primer-protect aluminum structures. There's a lot of...

In Case You Missed it

Aircraft Wiring

Good things to know while building your electrical system.

Simplified One-Off Electronic Projects

As homebuilders, we are accustomed to doing a lot of preliminary and/or tooling work to build a couple of pieces for our aircraft. Tom Kuffel created an auxiliary fuel transfer pump controller for his GlaStar Sportsman for next to nothing, a real savings over the retail price of $300, and he describes how he did it.

Rear Cockpit

Summer school.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.