We Shall Be Led Into the Light

In 1850, British physicist Joseph Swan began experimenting with paper coated with carbon in a glass tube that was partially evacuated from air. His...

Tires, Brakes & Wheel Bearings

Maintenance matters.

Aircraft Plumbing: Flexible Lines

Best practices

Fuel Leak and Cracked Flare

A major fuel leak was discovered on this airplane not long after the first flight. The majority of the fuel in the tank leaked...

RV Quick Stick

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood, which happens to include a couple of locals who are building airplane projects in their garages. In...

Tall Transmission Tales

(Antennas, Chapter 3)

Low-Cost Spark Plug Ohm Tester

This handy tester is rugged enough to be stored in your tool tray with your other spark plug tools without fear of damage. It...

Temperature Sensor Restoration

Home Shop Machinist

Antennas According to Jim (Ch. 2)

Aero 'lectrics.
motor mount rubber

Unairworthy: Isolator Mount Problems

Rubber isolator mounts should not have a gap between them and the engine mount when properly torqued.

In Case You Missed it

The Dawn Patrol

Each stalwart member of The Dawn Patrol has had his "day in the hay" (i.e., an off-airport landing). Now Sharon Starks is initiated into that venerable club.


Bob FritzIn recognition of Bobs major contributions to this magazine, he has been moved...

Engine Theory

Oil System Design-Exploring the components that keep your engine alive.

Is LiFePO4 in Your Future?

As technology improves and gets cheaper, the answer is probably yes. Gordon Alling.