Scrape Without Scratching

Scrape Without Scratching

Testing, Testing, Can You Hear Me Yet?

We’ve come a long way from the Narco Omnigator (vintage 1958 or so) to the latest glass gizmos that do everything except make the...

Alternator and Voltage Regulator Problems

As everyone moves toward electronic instrumentation, the alternator is taking on a more and more important role. Alternators and their indispensable partners, voltage regulators,...

Keeping It Simple and Affordable

The freedom to roll your own electrical system means you can make things very simple or very complex as desired.

Disconnected Pitot Line

Ever lose your airspeed in flight? The nylon lines held in the “push-grip” fittings must have some flexibility in them so they aren’t pulled...

Quick Mount for a Handheld

Home shop machinist

Garage Shop on Steroids

Garage shop on steroids.

Maintenance Matters

Dont call it an annual, but do it every year.

To Launch a Light Sport-Redux

To launch a Light Sport-redux.

Maintenance Matters

A clean plane is a safer plane and a source of pride.

In Case You Missed it

Top Overhaul

Gray oil is good, but what about black oil that looks like tar?

Turbine Temptation: Wiring, Avionics and Plumbing

The systems are simple but space is tight, so plan ahead.

Flight Review: Lancair Launches the Piston Evolution

Doug Rozendaal samples the new piston version of the Lancair Evolution and, as with the turbine Evo, finds much to admire.

Build Your Own Hangar Doors

Not finding any commercial doors to his like or budget, the author built his own. By Nolan Bradbury.