Second Chance Six

Part 7: Did you know that trailering an airplane across town is an all-day event? I didn’t.

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 10

Overcoming builder’s block and exhaust modifications.

Nose Job

How to set up your spinner to run perfectly true.

In Case You Missed it

Fabric, Demystified and Non-Toxic

Marc Cook takes part in a three-day, fabric-covering course offered by Stewart Systems, learns about the company's water-based product line, and picks up a few pointers along the way.

Home Brew Bucking Bars

I've run into situations many times where a bar with a hole for a...

500-hour Inspection vs. Overhaul

About every 500 hours, your magnetos need to be inspected and repaired as needed...

Chasing the Elusive Thread

Chasing a thread (B) on the lathe involves engaging the feed system to...