Navigate the Glass Transition

Learning to use an EFIS. By Katie Bosman Krotje.

Ask the DAR

One fuel gauge for two tanks, becoming the builder of record, converting a Europa to LSA.

Top Overhaul

Gray oil is good, but what about black oil that looks like tar?

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

Upping Our Game.

Putting the Experiment in Experimental

Over 30 modifications resulted in a speed increase of 44 mph.

When Noahs Ark was an RV-9A

They have more in common than you might think. By Joetta Schneider.

Using Drywall Spackling Paste as a Filler Material

A comparison of 10 products.

Ask the DAR

Repairman certificate eligibility, ELSA mods, flying at civil twilight, fuel cap engraving.

Going Retractable

The ups and downs of retractable gear.

So You Want to Buy a Used Homebuilt?

Its not always as easy as it seems.

In Case You Missed it

Rudders R Us

How do you know if you can build an airplane?

What’s New

ATS Voyager-when you get serious about a borescope.

Kit Stuff

The Home Machinist

This months feature offers a three-in-one discussion that includes how to use the steady rest to work with any material that extends beyond the chuck, a review of Googles SketchUp program that will allow you to get designing on your home computer quickly, and notes on how to make an indispensable tool for the home machinist; by Bob Fritz.