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Kneeboard notes

Ready for Paint!

With the first engine start and initial taxi testing out of the way (see and hear it below), the little jet is cocooned in the shop, awaiting the arrival of the paint master - John Stahr of Stahr Design, noted for airbrush work on aircraft large and small. And they don't come much smaller than …

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Flight Review: Practical Glass

Flight Review: Practical Glass

Marc Cook admires Dave Ammenti’s exceptional GlaStar and details why these designs have held their value in the used market over the years.

Sam LS

Sam LS

Retro look for fun flying. By Kevin Horton.

Understanding Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Understanding Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Dave Martin explains the different designations of factory-built and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft and how they continue to evolve.


And Just Like That... It's Done

Happy owner!It's finished! Well, mostly finished... as finished as an airplane, or a paint job, can ever be. Painter John Stahr put the final touches on a number of small details, and fixed a few more spots where paint had sneaked through masking around rivet heads, all in preparation for the final clear coat on the …

A Day of Fussy Fuss

Another layer of silver was added to give more depth to the band.John Stahr announced first thing in the morning that Friday would be "a day of fussy fuss." It was time to address all those little nits bound to come up in the original work. As Paul Dye is always telling me, "It isn't how perfect you do the job initially, it's about how well you …

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Another detail completed.John Stahr continued working on N958PD, KITPLANES Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye's recently built SubSonex jet on Thursday. With the large area painting completed and detailed art work started, it was another day of mostly detail work... addressing minor flaws in the original spray painting and air brushing on more details. Some of the details were air …

Details, details, details...

John Stahr sprays white paint as the final area paint on Paul DyeThe fifth day started bright and early with the limbering up of the spray gun and the deployment of white - the final major color to go on the jet. John Stahr checked over the masking to make sure it was all correct before shooting three coats of the bright white that ironically will probably …

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Understanding Lithium Batteries

Kathy and Reg Nicoson of EarthX, Inc. explain what you need to know. By Jared Yates.

Sling Goes Big

Four-seat homebuilt crosses the Atlantic to show its stuff. By Paul Dye.

It’s a Cub Thing

With a bigger engine and lighter airframe, CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub EX kit aircraft takes the Cub experience to a higher plane. By Marc Cook.

A Witch’s Brew

Liquid consumables for the shop. By Eric Stewart.

Aero 'lectrics

Repairing a malfunctioning headset may be not only inexpensive, but completely doable. By Jim Weir.

Plane and Simple

Filling without spilling. By Jon Croke.

Calculating Weight and Balance

This lazy man's guide removes some of the headaches. Sample weight & balance spreadsheets included.

Shopping for a Second-Hand Project

Bargains are out there, but do your homework before writing a big check. By Omar Filipovic.

Getting Started on the GlaStar Project

Starting on the wings and ordering more parts. By Dave Prizio.

Homebuilt or Store-Bought?

Raising the bar for RV-10 interiors to an entirely different level. By Bruce Eicher.

Industry news

Chipper Single-Seat Aircraft Now Available

Chipper Aerospace LLC. announced that the company's single-seater is available for ordering at an introductory price of $6000 until April 30. Chipper Aerospace is taking deposits for the aircraft kit: Deposits start at $50 where customers get a commemorative T-Shirt. Pay $130 deposit and add the manual and blueprints. $600 deposits for a place in …

Aircraft Spruce Opens Illinois Location

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.  opened a distribution warehouse in West Chicago, IL, located in a 52,000 sq. ft. warehouse situated between Du Page and Aurora airports. Aircraft Spruce Midwest will provide lower shipping charges and faster delivery to customers throughout the central portion of the United States. With regional distribution facilities in Corona, CA …

Boeing Buys ForeFlight

Boeing announced on Wednesday that it has acquired aviation app company ForeFlight. ForeFlight has been working in partnership with Jeppesen--also owned by Boeing--for the last two years to offer Jeppesen's aeronautical data and charts on ForeFlight mobile platforms. Although the exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Boeing says the ForeFlight and Jepessen teams …

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General aviation news

Apologies: AVweb Suffers Hack Attack
An apparent "denial of service" attack took AVweb down for several hours this afternoon. The system is back up and running, and new security...

Ethiopian MAX Crash: Trim Jackscrew Set Nose Down
Investigators probing the wreck of Ethiopian Airlines Fight 302 have reportedly recovered the airplane’s trim jackscrew and found it set to a...

EASA Publishes Easy Access Rules For Flight Crew Licensing
With a 1735-page PDF document, EASA has published its complete set of "Easy Access Rules for Flight Crews" in accordance with regulation (EU) No...

Swiss Civil Aviation Authority Stops Commercial JU-52 Flights
The Swiss Civil Aviation Authority (BAZL) has revoked operator JU-Air's authorization to conduct commercial flights with its historic Junkers JU-52...

Short Final: Flight Following
I was flying with a student in SoCal. Before taxi, she got an appropriate VFR clearance as required per ATIS...

Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
Photo by Richard VanderMeulen
RANS S-6 N646GTN646GT started with six members in an LLC, and currently has four left, 10 years after we bought the kit. One of our team is Richard Hogan, the designer of the new Commutercraft. Our RANS S-6 started construction at a hangar at the now defunct Mathis Airport in Suwannee, Georgia, then moved to another hangar …
Phillabaum-HelicycleFirst flight of my Helicycle helicopter was on January 31, 2019 after two years of part-time building. Previously, before I retired, I built an RV-8 and a Zenith 750. The Helicycle was my first post- retirement project. I discovered I had more building time when I was working. Now trips, lake time, skiing, etc. interfere …
I always wanted something to do in retirement that that would be both challenging and fun. I couldn't envision myself playing golf only during the summer months so I decided to build and fly my own airplane. Looked around at all of the offerings from the kit manufacturers and finally decided on a Zenith CH …

lycoming-thunderbolt-o-360-redAt Sun 'n Fun 2018 we interviewed Jeff Schans, Lycoming's Sales manager and we asked about the popular Thunderbolt Engines. Watch the short Product Minute video as Jeff describes the benefits of the Thunderbolt product line and what it means for the aircraft homebuilder.
Dynon Avionics' latest-generation SkyView integrated avionics called the SkyView HDX has a newly designed bezel and user controls for easier use while flying in turbulence, plus brighter displays and a reworked touch interface. Larry Anglisano takes a product tour of the HDX with Dynon's Michael Schoefield in this video.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Dynon continued to push into the world of non-certified avionics with its SkyView SE, a less expensive version of its popular SkyView EFIS system. Paul Bertorelli prepared this video report.
The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Just Aircraft is showing off its new Titan-powered SuperSTOL XL. Harrison Smith took Paul Bertorelli for a half-day demo flight in the new airplane, and here's his video report.
Kit manufacturer Zenith Aircraft Company has released a new 360-degree VR short video to showcase its kit aircraft and to promote the rewarding hobby of kit aircraft building and flying light-sport aircraft.
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